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Why Bitwise IO

Our philosophy is simple - The right solutions start with the right people.

Cut-rate junior resources, onshore or off, represent a false economy. That model may look good on paper, but the reality is that there is no substitute for experienced decision-making. Better decisions, made early, driving great design and implementation - that’s the most efficient path to a high-quality outcome. Controlling these factors quickly outstrips any per hour rate advantage that may have appeared alluring at first glance. Find some examples of our work below and if you're interested in hearing more, please contact us.

Native Mobile Test Automation
using Appium and Java

We recently built an automated test suite for iPhone, iPad, and Andriod versions of a Fortune 500 company’s native mobile application. The test suite covered seven locales, including Chinese, and validated end-user experience of the application by testing the application on physical devices, iOS Simulator, and Android Emulator. The core technologies used were Java, gradle, and Appium/Selenium2.

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Application Performance Assessment
for enterprise applications

Our team contracted with a major hospitality company to review the performance of their Siebel Hospitality channel application. The application is a key component for the company tracking worldwide inventory for conventions and large group events. Bitwise IO gathered detailed information from the production and test environments, performed analysis and developed theories, collected additional data to confirm/reject the theories, and published a detailed set of recommendations and next steps.

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Scalability Assessment
for cloud-based platforms

We were engaged to review the cloud-based infrastructure of a start-up mobile marketing and analytics platform, and assess its ability to scale to meet an expected surge in demand. We performed detailed analysis of the application architecture, its current performance, and its current hosted infrastructure- and summarized the findings and recommended next steps.

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