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Bitwise IO offers speciality technology services focused on Enterprise Architecture and Software Development.

Whether you're trying to improve the performance or reliability of a problem application, or you're trying to implement the Next Big Thing which will take your company forward, we can help you achieve quality results. Our architects and engineers have deep expertise in a broad range of enterprise technologies.

Some of our recent work includes:

See some of our detail sheets below for more information on the services we provide.

We are constantly expanding our business, so, if you have a need that isn't stated on this page, please contact us to find out if we can be of service.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

We review your Enterprise Architecture policies and procedures, and provide candid feedback with areas of strength, and areas for opportunity. We want to help you avoid that 'ivory tower' perception which is commonly applied to EA practices.

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Enterprise Application Development & Integration

Do you have an enterprise initiative that you need to be sure is done right? Not sure if your vendor partners are delivering the value you expect? Whether you need expert architects and developers to complete a critical project, or just want unbiased advice on what can be done better, we can help.

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Performance Engineering

Do you have a problem application that your engineers just can't seem to fix? Or a COTS package that just isn't cutting it, and the vendor won't accept accountability? Contact us for a thorough deep-dive analysis of the application's behavior and infrastructure, with specific, actionable recommendations for ways to proceed forward.

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Data Analytics

Did you jump on the Big Data train and start collecting huge volumes of data, only to find that you don't have the expertise in house to generate real information from what was collected? Whether it's helping you produce quality data visualization for your data, or just helping you under stand the size and capacity requirements for what you want to collect and process, we can help.

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Do your developers build your enterprise in eclipse, and then email to the ops team for deployment? Whether you want help setting up a modern development environment, or just want an assessment of where you are at, we can help get you started. Our recent accomplishments include setting up two Fortune 500 companies with their first enterprise wide continuous integration environments.

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