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Bitwise IO is a specialized information technology services firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our philosophy is simple - The right solutions start with the right people. Cut-rate junior resources, onshore or off, represent a false economy. That model may look good on paper, but the reality is that there is no substitute for experienced decision-making. Better decisions, made early, driving great design and implementation - that’s the most efficient path to a high-quality outcome. Controlling these factors quickly outstrips any per hour rate advantage that may have appeared alluring at first glance.

We started in the trenches and remain deeply connected to the daily work of engineering technology solutions. Our principal consultants pitch in on development projects to keep their skills sharp and to stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices. This combination is powerful - it allows us to go toe to toe with the best and brightest developers in the industry while leading an organization through the strategic change necessary to take full advantage of skilled engineering.

We focus on the marriage of technical expertise with strategic leadership. How often have you encountered great technicians who couldn't communicate with leadership, or were hung up on irrelevant details? On the flip side, how often have you run into leaders whose skills had atrophied, and were stuck on implementing solutions from the past? We bring rounded experts to bear who can lay out a path and help execute on it.

James Mitchell Portrait

James Mitchell

James brings 19-years of industry experience to the table in a variety of technology roles. Most recently, James served as an executive leader for a native mobile application development project at a Fortune 500 client. Previously, he led the Enterprise Architecture - Systems Engineering organization for a Fortune 500 global financial services company. James’s background is in systems architecture and software development.

Shawn Amundson Portrait

Shawn Amundson

With 20 years of software development and systems administration experience, Shawn brings strong technical leadership and mentoring skills to the Bitwise IO team. Shawn holds a strong belief that good technology decisions are a key part of a successful business. He recently completed a scalabililty assessment for a cloud based mobile start up, and helped a major hospitality company define a properly encapsulated set of APIs. Shawn has also recently led a team through the development of a complex cloud-based application using a modern agile methodology - from concept to delivery.

Mark Ford Portrait

Mark Ford
Director of Program Management

Experienced in program and project management, Mark has successfully led IT programs and projects to implementation, on behalf of several large corporations for the past 14 years. Mark specializes in guiding organizations to embrace modern project methodologies, to meet customer goals of flexibility, high quality and speed to market business benefit. Mark's recent accomplishments include implementing a combined Business Process Management and Web Portal solution for a Fortune 500 Financial financial organization by utilizing Agile methodology in a traditional waterfall project management environment.

Ryan Beck-Buysse Portrait

Ryan Beck-Buysse
Senior Systems Engineer

Before joining Bitwise IO, Ryan spent over twelve years at Fortune 500 companies in the financial services and logistics industries designing and operating critical infrastructure. Automation and process improvement across multiple stacks have always been a primary focus for him.